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Faizah and I traveled the world for nine months beginning July 1, 2009 and returned to southern California April 6th, 2010.

Photos from our destinations:
July 1 - Hawaii
*cross intl dateline*
July 27 - Fiji
Aug 16 - Australia
Sept 27 - New Zealand
Nov 15 - Bali
Dec 6 - Thailand
(Side Trip to Cambodia) 2010
Jan 3 - Bangladesh
Jan 16 - India
Feb 6 - South Africa
Mar 2 - Europe
April 5 - Back home
Wed Jul 30
oh man, you did not… you put the toilet paper on backwards? you realize i can divorce you for that?

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Mon Jul 28


The truth is out there.

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Last night my little sister (5th grade) was making an e-mail account

She saw gender and went to click female when she noticed the “other” choice

She looked at me confused and I started to explain that some people don’t think they fit in with strictly male or female

"Oh! You mean like transgender and stuff like that. I was freaked out for a second- I thought they meant robots."

Yet another example the kids are more open-minded than adults

The best.

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Fri Jul 25


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Wed Jul 23

notentirely have you seen these? Awesome.

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Tue Jul 22

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Mon Jul 21
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Last look up for the day
#amazing #sunset #clouds #colors #blue #orange #orangecounty #california  (at Aliso-Woods Canyon)

Last look up for the day
#amazing #sunset #clouds #colors #blue #orange #orangecounty #california (at Aliso-Woods Canyon)

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